Let Me Tell You A Little Secret – Madonna

If we want something in life, we have to give something.

If we want compassion, we have to give compassion.

If we want tolerance, we have to give tolarence.

And If we don’t want to be judged, then we must not judge.

We teach children to never think in a limited way

And these children will learn that they have the power to make miracles happen.

One day these children will grow up,

And they will not want violence, they will not want war,

They will want peace…

We teach children what we are trying to learn as adults,

But the difference is that children are more open, they are more alive,

And they do not see the world in a fragmented way.

They are not thinking, oh he is a christian or she’s a jew.

They do not judge each other by the colour of of their skin,

Or the style of their clothes.

Sometimes its hard to look out into the big bad world,

And feel a burning desire to help your fellow man.

But maybe if you look at it through the eyes of a child,

You will feel the tugging at your heart.

Maybe you will want to give them a better future

And maybe,

Just maybe you will then have the urge to make the world a better place yourself

So I’m here to ask you this one question…

What are you waiting for?

Taken From The Documentary: “Let Me Tell You A Secret.

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